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What Time is IT?! Vanderkitten Time!

This fall we were approached by San Francisco watch maker, MODIFY, about collaborating on some fashion-pop time pieces. They were looking for a shift in style to bring to their product line and, in turn, offer some unique accessories for our customers! Timing, as they say, is everything as we had just unveiled the new […]



Do you LIVE, LOVE and BREATHE Vanderkitten? Do you empower others to be the best they can be? Are you a social media rockstar who loves to show the world your athletic endeavors?  If YES, YES and YES! then we would love to hear from you for the 2016 Vanderkitten VIP  BRAND AMBASSADOR PROGRAM for […]


How Does Vanderkitten’s New Pre-Sale Work?

Pre-Pay and Save with No Risk We receive a lot of questions from new customers wondering just how the pre-order works. In short, this is our “crowd funding” for new designs. We do this because it lets us build a limited run of product prior to the Spring season and offer a fantastic discount (about […]

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